How To Decorate String Lights Without Trees In Backyard


During festivals we always being a craze to decorate backyard with string lights, but If you don’t have trees on your backyard then what you do ! How could you decorate! Should you Decorate lights through rope! All the questioons confused and around your mind.

But you no need to worry, because we found out some tips to decorate backyard without trees. There are three ways we did it and then cover a few ways you can hang them also.

Using 4X4 posts

The main way you can hang them is by including posts where you need the lights to go. For our situation, we had a deck falling off the sliding glass entryway from the house. We realized we could utilize the house to balance some portion of the lights.

For this we need two posts where we deck to light the decorating area so then how we connect the string lights.

Tools and material needed

Find out if you need only string light for this post or you also using your house for part of this. If you involves your house then you need big string light so then you directly connect to posts or if the house dosen’t involves than you you need 3, 4.

First you need to find out where you want to post string lights it will look right or mostly line up around the area where you are hanging the lights.

We used the house at large area, but if you need you can also cover large area, so we used 34X4 posts.

How to Hang Patio Lights

First you need to post hole digger or shovels start digging the hole for the first post. After this you need more about 3 feet go in the ground,  and thereafter you got 16 feet pressure treated posts.

Then after all this, you need to follow same step means digging the post holes for string lights.

Once you are in the post, you can use ladder to go to the best top area at the top of the post to screw in the C type hooks.

So, you can begin running your lights

In reality, you need to test your lights first. We expected they’d work and discovered subsequent to running them, that one section was copied out.

Thereafter, You need to plan in what ways to run the lights so can can have an electrical outlet where you need it to be fix. Rather if you don’t have an outlet easily positioned, you can start an outdoor rated extension cord.

If you have straigned lights so you can use to fix at your home, After this you may need  to get light clips to hold them in that place. Or normally you can saw them around the holidays.

At the time, When you’re posting the string lights, You need to wrap the wire around the hooks a number of times and with the little added strength.

Or if rather you have outdoor straight string lights so it much better to  post. but, For this you need to little holes in the line oto make this easier as previous step.

Around your house if you aren’t attach them, Then you need to find out the size and shape you need for lighting area. After this, you can put the 4X4s in the best position.

Street lights with no trees

Using Metal Pole and PVC

Next method is as same as previous method, But using metal poles so, it’s not nosy. Include with this you need written caution, we put together a fast and quick video as well.

instruction: Use All material safely and switch of the light botton and do not cut the waste wire.

Tools and Material Needed:

  • For this you needed 10.5 foot vinyl coated pole. Must Use this pole from lowes.
  • 110 Foot PVC pipe
  • S hooks to secure the lights on the posts
  • The lights you wants to decorate
  • Ladder for hanging the lights
  • Mini sledge hammer to pound the PVC into you house ground

Also you can use the PVS down t 2 foot lengths and angle one side.

PVC Pipe cutting

When hitting in ground the angle make it easier. After, hitting to the ground some, you’ll have to remove the dust and pull it out. You can easily do this by holdig your hand over PVC top to create a suction. The dirt will remain in the pipe while you pull it out and remove the dust from the pipe so that doesn’t create problem while fixing a lights.

You have to do this number of times to get pipe as deep as you want it to go.

After this Now, You can put the pipe into the PVC pipe and it’s ready for the next process.

Ground level

Note:  After putting PVC pipe into the ground works nice check, rather you have a deck or not. You have to pound the deck level to “hide” if ground level is a deck. Rather if you have taller deck, Then you can add C hooks to hold PVC pipe against your deck and then put the pole in the way.

The average area we needed for poles is about 13 to 15 feets for three poles for the size area that we need to cover the lights and digging hole pipes.

After we done all this we need to check whether it done correctly or not, then it’s time to string the lights on pipe.

Once more, Check that the lights are working or not before hanging to them. And then right to end we get plugged into outlet then you’ll have to decorate it as you want to.

According to me as I know:

First we need to sure that lights we put on as lights and we have enough lights as we want for this project, Around at this we hang the lights. We hve to roughly check that the lights around we have is start to end can fixed arranged or not to the house.

Then we need ladder to put the string lights on the rope see that light must be properly fitted to rope and every point of light must be as an S hook connect so that easily plug out at the time of removing lights

If you want you can also enjoy and play with slack in the lights and adjust to your needed hight.

When you were going to run all the light poles that you have, we complete it at the house and does it nice with the lengths. then We continously add one or many string lights to go along the house exterior.

After we had done all the activity of fixing and decorating string lights, Then we see agan that all are running properly or not. We feel very nice while it’s all working properly.

And we also focus that backyard birds like to perch and seeing the lights and enjoying, And the main thing that the birds were also enjoying. And string they are at large.

Other Techniques for decorating srting lights without trees in backyard :

There are many ways for decorating string lights without trees in your backyard we had done some of the ways were showing below in the image. One also we had tried small ways to fixing the lights in beautiful way, Here I’ll share some ways to get your lights up by the evening.

fancy decorating lightings :

Keep the lights as you want. This adds s much depth and familarity to your backyard.

Deck lighting :

Around the deck lighting this is Our last home for decorating. And this is how we use the rope for decorating the light round the deck, Then once we did this with rope we could start it evening and this was very nice we could see. All this would be going through the help of mounting clips so, That we properly able to fix the lights.

This we could see a very shiny and fancy look on top of the house and this is quite looking peaceful.


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